The Toledo Permaculture Network blossomed out of a culmination of experimental social projects aimed at redefining economics, food, housing and how we interact with our local environment using permaculture principles. Some of our key goals include the building of affordable homes for the urban environment using all natural building materials and sustainable design, the promotion of ecologically-regenerative urban farming and the creation of healthy, sustainable communities. We aim to be innovators for the improvement of life brought to the community with a pay it forward mentality.

Some of our current activities include:


  • The maintenance and expansion of the Collingwood Community Garden as a model "food forest," educational site, and community hub

  • Open source design of affordable sustainable off-the-grid housing

  • Developing a "do-it-yourself" model for sustainable technologies such as mycelium based insulation and aquaponic food production​                                


Defining Permaculture:


Through a set of principles for social and agricultural design, permaculture utilizes the patterns and features of natural ecosystems to design human-made systems that care for people, care for the earth, and redistribute the surplus. From agro-ecological food systems like forest gardens, to sequestering carbon through soil building, to catching and storing rainwater for irrigation and drinking, permaculture works with nature to meet the needs of people while regenerating the natural world. Permaculture is a design science; a movement; and a toolbox for transitioning to a just and sustainable way of living.


Highly affordable and fighting displacement - funded by a pay-it-forward model, off grid sustainable houses to an urban environment.


Permaculture consultation, community gardening, plant distribution, food forest



Model designing

Natural Building

Sustainable Construction



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The [T.P.N] brings sustainable living to the neighborhood.

What comes to mind when thinking of sustainability?  Those reusable shopping bags are a dandy place to start, but what if the option to go off-grid was within reach? Read more...


Lucas County auctions over 300 properties

For $200, friends Nic Botek, Colleen Eldridge, and Monika Perry started to make their dream a reality Thursday. The tree acquired two vacant parcels during the annual Lucas County auditor's forfeited land auction held in the county commissioner's hearing room. Read more...


Perrysburg students build 'Little Free Pantries'

Another one of the pantries will be placed at the Collingwood Community Garden. "All the food we grow is free," said NIc Botek, one of the garden's founders. "This will be a lot more accessible," because anyone can take from it at any time. Read more...

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The Affordable Eco-housing Revolution in Toledo, Ohio

Here is the first of what we hope will be a series of blog posts updating you about our progress on the “Earthship” style home we are building! Here we share a little more background on the intentions behind this project. Read more...


Weed It & Reap: The Collingwood Garden

Volunteers from left, Colleen Elridge of Toledo, leader Nic Botek, and Adren Burkes of Toledo work at the community garden. Read more...


'Earthship' residence explores self-sufficiency, sustainability in Old West End.

When it comes to environmental issues, Mr. Botek said the home widely addresses challenges with carbon neutralization by using an assortment of natural materials including strawbale, stone, clay, adobe, cob, mushroom roots, and metal roofing, and limestone. Read more...




An avid permaculturalist and community organizer.



Community organizer and advocate for social and environmental justice.



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